Breathe. Transform your life.

We dont know each other but I am going to candid with you. Because I believe our experiences are deeply connected and related. 


I want to tell you about one of the lowest points of my life.

Four years ago I came out of a devastating relationship.  It triggered childhood trauma I didn't even know I had. As a six-year-old child I endured a decade long, bitter divorce between my parents that included kidnapping, violence and abuse. 


As an adult, I buried my horrific past and focused on my career. I accepted the past and moved on. My childhood didn't control me. So fast forward 30 years, and why was I lacking fulfilment in every aspect of my life, including nursing a broken heart?


I was at ROCK BOTTOM, I bet you know what feels like, right?

The truth is, I was holding onto a lot of pain, trauma, stress, and limiting beliefs about myself that had built up over the years. And I wasn't prepared to face my childhood trauma.  On the outside I looked like I was winning at life but I was lacking purpose, joy and living paycheck-to-paycheck barely getting by. 

When I tried a new breathing technique on a whim, it opened me up to let go of the past, connect with my heart and my life's purpose. It improved my relationships and abundance started flowing into my life.

I couldn't believe that these changes started happening because of HOW I WAS BREATHING! 

So I trained in this breathwork technique and as a Clinilical Hypnotherapist to show people like you what worked FOR ME. And I know it will work FOR YOU too! 


Are you ready for some powerful shifts?

There's a reason why Breathwork is fast becoming one of the most powerful and life-changing active meditation practices around today.  In just one session you can release pent up tension and trauma, reduce stress, increase your ability to manifest and find your life's purpose.  Many describe it as years of therapy in just a one session - and the best thing is you dont need to say anything!

How does it work ?

All you need is your breath! 


Specifically, breathwork is three phase circular breath through the mouth, lying down, to uplifting music. 

The science behind this active meditation shows an increased amount of oxygen entering the body, literally flushing out toxicity, activating the vagus nerve which sends us into a deep state of relaxation while we energetically shift into a new state of being. We can literally re-wire the brain by releasing old patterns, addictions, trauma and self-limiting beliefs by a deep state of connectivity.

If you have struggled to meditate because your mind is racing, this practise is for you! 

As a certified Breathwork facilitator and Clinical Hypnotherapist, my private sessions combine breathwork with healing meditation, personalised visualisations,  gratitude practices.  


My offerings


"Raquelle's breathwork sessions are one of the most effective ways to release emotional blocks and bring free energy and flow back into your life. I cant believe how alarmingly well this works!"

- RAIN FULLER, Actress/Writer

Raquelle was one of the first wonderful humans I found on my journey of finding a place and joy and freedom.
Her warmth, enthusiasm and genuine care is a gift.
Take the ride with her, she will gently support and guide you to release past burdens, and find your true unique spirit.

- JUDE BEAUMONT, Actor/Singer/Voice Artist

"Our breathwork session was everything I didn't know I needed, you not only helped me release the emotions of  a painful day, but you lovingly held the space for me to be where I was... After our session I felt so calm and at peace, I journaled, showered, and actually slept!"

- ALY MACDONALD, Dating and Mindset Coach